There's absolutly no better TV I have ever seen than this war. You want reality TV? They've got your reality TV right here. The difference is, this stuff is actually real. Allowing journalists to embed with troops is absolutely spendid. The US definitely did not have to allow this, but I think we're all thankful they did.

Of course, this is giving me access to the most horrible of events. People die because of what we're watching. But whether I read it in tomorrow's paper or I see it live on TV, it still happens.

CNN has been the absolute kings of the videophone. Yesterday evening, I was introducted to this when reporter Walter Roberts rolled with the 3-7th Cavalry. Some dull moments while choppers and tanks refueled, but when those tanks got rolling, unopposed, splendid TV. Not to mention Aaron Brown's commentary. It welcomed us to the war. The show had started.

This evening, Walter Roberts was back with his videophone, further into Iraq. But tonight's "episode" had more tense moments, as they were minorly fired upon by a pocket of Iraqi resistance.

And now, late night on CNN, Martin Savidge has been absolutely amazing, taking me on a splendid trip. Marines blowing up abandoned Iraqi tanks (I think) were fired upon by Iraqis. Marines secured the area while others tried to finish the demolition job. Exploding tanks, a mysterious fuel-powered grenade, and an imminent scent of danger. They soon abandoned, and that's where the story is right now. It's been an epic tale, and there are many other such epic tales that CNN isn't covering currently in favor of this one.

Say what you will about there being too much media coverage, and how I shouldn't be enjoying such a horrible event, but it is entertaining. I'm so sick of Friends and I'm A Celebrity and Joe Millionaire. This is real. The choppy video does seem SOOOOO '90s, but this is stuff that's never been done before. This is amazing. I've probably been watching this war way too much, as anytime I'm not sleeping, I'm watching or listening to this war, but I watch it for things like this. Absolutely splendid.


So Google bought Blogger. Who would have guessed it?

Surely, this will bring on changes. I'm very optimistic that it'll be good changes, because I've always looked upon Google as a good company (say what you will about cookies or whatnot; I don't care if they know what I'm looking at, because I'd volunteer the information to them if they asked for it anyway). I have a feeling Pyrads are involved somehow. Google is probably looking to improve their paid ads on the sides of web searches. I'm also envisioning a Blogger tab at Google.com with some kind of blog search, which would be very cool. This, to me, can only mean good things. I'm very excited.

And to tell you the truth, I'm only blogging about this because all the other bloggers will. But why not?


When a story about a murdered convience store clerk in Northeast Minneapolis appears below the virtual fold at the Strib, that's a sign of the times.

Yeah, the Strib is the only thing that keeps me coming back here. I'm bad, but I'll try to get better, I promise.